Please. She Needs Your Help.

29 02 2008

shibaniShibani is a 15 year-old girl in India. Her father only brings in 21 US dollars a month. She lives with her brother Joydeb, 14 and sister Bani, 7. Her favorite pastime is jumping rope and she is great at drawing. All 5 family members live in one multi-use room with walls and floors made of mud, and a roof made of corrugated metal. The home is heated with a coal stove. The sleep on the floor with a mat. Although water is not miles away, it is shared with the whole community Electricity is available, but not affordable. Their sanitary facility is an open field.
Please, I’m looking for donations to send to her each month. With being at college and my income level being lower, I need your help. Each month I send 22 dollars to Children International to help Shibani go to school, have clothes and get adequate medical care. She needs your help. I hate to sound like a broken record, but you really can help. Even one dollar will help me get her closer to the comfort we all enjoy.


My Name is Jorma, Mothafucka!

29 02 2008

Love this show. Watched it about once a day for a month. this one episode. I have issues. Issues by Korn. Love that album. it’s their only album I can listen to without laughing.  if you’re looking for a laugh, listen to “All in the Family” Comment below, please. 

Bathtub-Accident-Prone Neighbor Gets TV Show

29 02 2008

clevelandbrownSources are working on a Family Guy Spin-off. Tentatively Titled “Cleveland”, it revolves around 1 of the only black people working in television today.

Fox has several cartoons in the works, including an animated version of its 2003 short-lived live-action comedy “The Pitts,” from “Simpsons” veteran Mike Scully; “Relative Insanity,” executive produced by Jack Black; and “Mothballs,” from “Drawn Together” creators Matt Silverstein and Dave Jeser. LINK

Let’s see what these shows are about…Brbrbrbrbrb. LOLOLOLOLZ


The Pitts: Mediocrity Rules – The tag line for the show was: “The family with the worst luck in the world have zany adventures.” that’s so wacky. ha. zany! funny! no.

Relative Insanity – executive producer is Jack Black, should get some laughs. but nothing as funny as his intro to “Awesometown

“Mothballs revolves around the Westings, a dysfunctional family who own and operate a nursing, wherein they also reside.  The series begins with the family’s uptight patriarch and nursing home owner being forced to accommodate his vivacious but estranged father in his tightly run facility.”  Yeah. that’s what we need, more shows about dysfunctional families. wow. innovators? yes.  LINK

Google Bomb?

29 02 2008

Google bombing involves manipulating search engines’ contextual search methodologies to cause a certain search phrase to point to an unexpected page, usually for comedic or satirical purposes. A recent example of a Google bomb happened in January 2008, when the search phrase “dangerous cult” returned the Church of Scientology home page as the top search result.

Step 1: Plan Your Assault
Step 2: Generate a Whole Lotta Links
Step 3: Tell Everyone

On the right is a search for “miserable failure” with pages popping up for biographies of George W. Bush and Jimmy Carter. Jimmy was ok, c’mon now. I mean, he was a peanut farmer from Georgia who got elected because people was like “fuck republicans, I want me some real man” so Reagan was elected after Jimmy. and people were like “he’s ok” and George W. Bush became president after a real man came to power (George H.W. Bush). and now we’re here.


The First Rule of Fight Club is…

29 02 2008

Fight Club Musical in the Works fightclubmusicalisforchumps

Interested? Trent Reznor might do the music. More interested? Know people who want to start a fight club? someone with multiple personality disorder? People who just plain like to fuck each others faces up? yes, me too. Wanna join a real fight club? Meet other fighters online. because the first rule of fight club is…you talk about fight club online in hopes to me other fighters so you can fight sometime, and maybe make a youtube video about it and get it snagged off the internet and then you’re like “fuck man, that’s so lame, isn’t this a free country? last time I checked this was a free country. hahaha. Country. Cunt. hahahaha. tree. damn, I’m hungry. no wait, horny” and then you realize Youtube isn’t just an American corporation, it’s an international corporations with it’s operations all over the world and then you’re like, “fuck, this is a run-on sentence if I ever seen one. I mean, If I ever sawed one. Sorry, I’m an English buff, I know hows words works.”

The Musical: LINK

Fight Club Online: LINK

“After All, I’m 16 and Can Make Up My Own Mind.”

29 02 2008

 She met him at a Halloween party and “fell head over heels for him… I thought he was gorgeous – tall, dark and handsome… We started chatting and there was an instant chemistry between us. He made me feel like I was the only person in the room… The stubble on his chin made him look very different to the baby-faced school boys I’m used to – but I assumed he was about 25,” she says. “Hefrankenstein was funny and charming – a far cry from the boys my age I’d been used to dating… Your average 16 or 17-year-old boy is awkward, immature and only interested in impressing his mates, whereas Craig wasn’t showing off or being silly. It was such a nice change. I thought: ‘If this is what older men are like then I want to date one’.”

“Then he told me he was 36 and I just fell off my chair.”

“He told me he was divorced and had a two-year-old daughter, but that didn’t put me off at all. I thought it was so sweet that he was being so honest with me. He’s the fourth guy I’ve been with, but the others were all inexperienced teenagers – boys I’d been going out with for a few months. It was very different with Craig. He knew exactly what he was doing. He told me how beautiful I was and made me feel really special and cared for.” LINK

Now they live together. With her parents. Any comments?

I Love You.

29 02 2008

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