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So many news items go underreported. Here you can find information on interesting news, weird articles and commentary. Most news is repeated on every newspaper and news program. This blog is here to fill the void and give a voice to The Unheard.


  1. To Encourage Discussion
  2. To Fascinate
  3. To Engage Thinking – Be it logical, abstract, or other methods
  4. To Entertain
  5. To Inform

Example of Good and Bad Posts (Not necessarily Good and Bad in terms of Morals, etc):
Good –Shooter’s covered tracks leave questions at NIU
See, we’ve all heard about the tragedy at NIU, but there is some underreported things about it. like that the Shooter, Steven Kazmierczak, removed his hard drive and destroyed his SIM card before his rampage. why?
Bad – Raúl Castro Named Cuba’s New President
Although that’s interesting. If you pick up a paper, it’s on the Front Page.

About Catergories:
Etc. etc. – Anything that doesn’t fit into a catergory, such as Photos, Websites to Check out
Exposé – Articles, How To’s, Lists
For Sale – Interesting Things for Sale
Hott Gossip – Celebrity News
Innovation – Scientific, Technological Developments
It’s My Life – Personal Post
Music Guide – What You Should Listen to – New or Old, Reviews, Clips
Off The Wire – News or unNews
Politique – Political News or Policies
Sports? wtf? – Sports Related News
What to Watch – Movie and TV Show reviews, Clips

Seeking: Anyone interested in Collaborating on the Blog. 


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3 12 2010
Curtain Lining

there are many new movies to watch this month, i would be going to the cinema and video rental store again ‘”‘

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