Naked Gun 4

31 03 2008
The Naked Gun

The Naked Gun

One rant for today.

Why are there 4 Scary Movie movies and only 3 Naked Guns? Parody films are sooo annoying sometimes (naked gun is a parody movie, I know). but Superhero movie? that’s almost as bad as “Reference Movie” (See movie at bottom). But anyway, I love Naked Gun. and it’s humor, or lack thereof, is me. so here’s 2 interviews with David Zucker and Leslie Neilsen. and a snip-it from Wikipedia about Police Squad – the show Naked Gun was based on.

Interviewer: Any chance of you guys re-teaming for another “Naked Gun” in the future?
Zucker: We would really like to. The studio just doesn’t get the joke though. They’re not interested in the franchise. Funny thing was, Scary Movie 3 opened up against a Paramount movie at the box office on the same week of release and the Paramount movie disappeared without a trace. They still may not get it, but if they really wanted to see whether spoof movies still work they should’ve taken a look that week, even back when Scary one came out. And if they think that’s a different case because it was an R rated spoof movie, they should look at ours – it’s PG-13.


Interviewer: David mentioned that there might be a fourth Naked Gun if they can persuade the humourless folks at Paramount to do it. Would you want to do it?

Neilsen: I’d keep my fingers crossed. I would do it, are you kidding? I mean, it’s a special kind of humour and the essence of the humour is that they never try to tell the audience what’s funny. But without —

Interviewer: O.J.?

Neilsen: O.J. Well, it never crossed my mind that that would have made any difference, not to say that he wasn’t very heavy support for the film; he was a very big athlete and a big star. Very enthusiastic and very easy and wonderful to work with. But it may be that that coloured part of their consideration in choosing to not give it a run, but people have come in even after and wanted to buy the property. Paramount could have sold the property, but it’s in the archives, and you don’t sell things if you’re not going to use them yourself, because if they get sold and then become big hits, or big money maker, then somebody is responsible.


“Police Squad! was cancelled because the viewer had to watch it in order to appreciate it.” What Thomopoulos meant was that the viewer had to actually pay attention to the show in order to get much of the humor, while most other TV shows did not demand as much effort from the viewer. In its annual “Cheers and Jeers” issue, TV Guide magazine called the explanation for the cancellation “the most stupid reason a network ever gave for ending a series.”

Matt Groening is quoted as saying “If Police Squad! had been made twenty years later, it would have been a smash. It was before its time. In 1982 your average viewer was unable to cope with its pace, its quick-fire jokes. But these days they’d have no problems keeping up, I think we’ve proved that.”



Yeah, So Funny I Forgot to Laugh! HAH!

30 03 2008


having a lover was a “circumstance that damaged the honour of the person among family and friends”.

30 03 2008

Italy is great. you can’t be raped if you are wearing jeans and you are allowed to lie about affairs. awesome. 

Italy’s highest appeal court has ruled that married Italian women who commit adultery are entitled to lie about it to protect their honour.

The court gave its landmark ruling after hearing the case of a 48-year-old woman, convicted of giving false testimony to police by denying she had lent her mobile phone to her lover.

The appeal court did not agree that she had broken the law. It said bending the truth was justified to conceal extra-marital relationships. In a predominantly Catholic country you might expect the courts to take a dim view of lying and adultery. But not in this case.

The woman who brought the appeal was from Porto Ercole on the Tuscany coast, and named only as Carla. She had lent her telephone to her secret lover, Giovanni, who then used it to call Carla’s estranged husband, Vincenzo, and insult him. Giovanni, the lover, was convicted of abusive behaviour in a local court, and Carla convicted as an accessory.

Controversial judgements

But the Court of Cassation found that having a lover was a circumstance that damaged the honour of the person among family and friends. Lying about it, therefore, was permitted, even in a judicial investigation. It is not yet clear whether the ruling might also apply to men who have secret mistresses. The Court of Cassation, which is largely staffed by elderly male appeal judges, has in the past issued a number of controversial judgements.


Might be Executed? Not My Problem Says Dutch, British

30 03 2008

Iranian lesbian who fled to Britain faces deportation
Gay teenager faces return to Iran after Dutch ruling

In two separate cases, two homosexuals are facing deportation back to Iran. In Iran, homosexuals are considered sinners and are subject to execution by hanging, stoning or firing squad. The gay teenager’s partner has already been executed and the Dutch and British are not honoring a right to refuge for him. Speaking through her asylum representative in Sheffield yesterday, Ms Emambakhsh said: “I will never, never go back. If I do I know I will die.”
Under the Iranian Islamic Punishment Act, lesbians found guilty of sexual relations can be sentenced to 100 lashes. But, for a third offense, the punishment is execution. So why don’t they just stop? because the government shouldn’t be involved in private matters. Get the fuck out of my bedroom.

You might have Popcorn-Flavored Jelly Beans, But do you have…

30 03 2008

Absinthe-flavored lollipops


Maple-Bacon flavored lollipops?

Candy isn’t just for kids; in fact, Lolliphile’s, lollipops are made with real absinthe, so you probably wouldn’t want your little ones anywhere near them.

The San Francisco company has been overwhelmed at the popularity of these anise flavored little suckers. Their mildly taboo nature makes them all the more intriguing.

“They are made with real (and completely legal!) absinthe, with no artificial colors or flavors at all,” the company explains.

The spirit absinthe not only has an alcohol content of 45%-75% ABV, but the herbal drink also has thujone, the chemical that was, for many years, attributed with addictive, psychoactive properties. The drink, which originated in Switzerland, was banned in the early 1900s in the US and most of Europe. Today, it’s been shown that when consumed in moderation, is not harmful at all and is being sold again in many countries.

“After a ridiculously long prohibition, absinthe has officially made a comeback,” Lollyphile explains on their site. “The US Government recently approved the sale of absinthe within certain guidelines, namely that there is less than 10ppm of thujone. Our Absinthe Lollipops contain an amount of thujone that is within the legal limits set by the US regulatory authorities and of the European Union.”


Watch out Women, Mayor Nagin is Vagina-Friendly

30 03 2008

You’re right Ray Nagin, “God is mad at America.”
Scheduled to appear during 2 days of educational, cultural and entertainment events at the New Orleans Arena and Louisiana Superdome, are Oprah Winfrey, Jane Fonda, Glenn Close, Salma Hayek, Sally Field, Christina Lahti and Faith Hill.

Ensler says they will celebrate V-Day’s 10 years of ending violence in the world.

Mayor Nagin began his comments at the news conference by saying, “How am I gonna stand up and say, I’m a ‘vagina-friendly’ Mayor to these cameras after ‘Chocolate City’ and some of the other stuff that I’ve done.  But you know what?  I’m in.”

“She (Ensler) started describing the event, and you know what, I’m a guy and I’ve heard about the Vagina Monologues but I don’t know what was going on.  I didn’t know anything about it and she started to describe this event – look, you know I’ve got a script and I’m not following it – and I was absolutely blown away at how awesome this work is.  I mean, she is doing God’s work. So, I stand before you, a vagina-friendly Mayor. I am in!  And you know what?  It is so appropriate right now.  New Orleans, Louisiana is the birthplace of jazz, you know, but it is the birthplace of so many tremendous women.”


Celebration of Life: Stripper at a Funeral

30 03 2008

Watch the Video: Here 

There is a bond that some children have with their parents that can never be stripped away.

Cai Ruigong, a Taiwanese man, proved that recently when he hired an adult dancer to perform at his father’s funeral.

Ruigong’s father, Cai Jinlai, was 103 years old when he passed away. Jinlai was famous for his interest in strips clubs and often traveled around the island where he lived, visiting various strip clubs. Jinlai was the oldest person in his village and had over 100 descendants.

Ruigong had made a promise to his father that if he lived past 100 years old, he would have a stripper dance at his funeral.

Jinlai would have been proud to know that he went out in style, with a $160 stripper dancing for 10 minutes in front of his coffin.

We recently published a video that was sent in by one of our readers that showed strippers performing in front of children. Apparently strippers are not frowned upon in Taiwanese culture.

In China, there has been a practice of having strippers at funerals to help boost the number of mourners.

“Local villagers believe that the more people who attend the funeral, the more the dead person is honoured.”