Snow? Really?

23 04 2012

So it snowed today.
After having about 7 day over 90.
So there’s that.
We watched a video on parasitic worms. Malaria, etc. It was captivating. Especially the microscopic pulsation of those worms.
But all in all it’s been a good day. My friend, Ryan converted some inDesign files from high school. Nostalgic to the Max. And I wrote some tunes on my computer guitar tab software.
And tonight, my day off, I’m watching whatever I want while Laura watches something else in bed. Isn’t it wonderful to have some alone time?

Today, I tried the one eat app, galaxy pool and deleted them both.


Hey You Guys!

5 04 2012

well, um recently I’ve been wanting to connect with my neighbors and I’ve been thinking that blogging may be the best way to connect in the digital age. Facebook is overplenished with groups, names, people. not organized well. let me try to see if this will help.