Imagination is the Only Escape: not LOLocaust

23 03 2008

At first when I heard that Luc Bernard, 21, was developing a Holocaust-themed game, I was unamused. but when I looked into it, it was a good idea gone wrong. he means it to be educational. but like “diversity training” in the U of Delaware, it has gone wrong. This isn’t a LOLocaust moment (and that term just baffles me, LOLocaust, haha Holocaust. not funny). Here’s a brief overview about the game “Imagination Is the Only Escape”:

Last month, when a 21-year-old British video game developer named Luc Bernard posted a description on his blog of a Holocaust-themed game he is writing that describes how the Nazis tortured children, the reaction was swift and visceral.
The game, called Imagination Is the Only Escape, apparently will not be distributed within the United States. It casts players in the role of a young boy in eastern France during the German occupation who seeks escape from real-life horror through a fantasy world.
Darkly illustrated and full of gruesome historical facts, it is a far cry from the normal fare written for the Nintendo DS, which tends toward games featuring cute ponies and the like.
The game is being produced by Alten8, a small, private British game company that is licensed to develop games for Nintendo U.K. The company is in the process of putting out another title by Mr. Bernard for Nintendo called Eternity’s Child that deals with a fantasy world destroyed by global warming.
In a telephone interview from France, where he lives, Mr. Bernard said, “There will be no on-screen violence in this product. I don’t see war as a game. I don’t find that amusing.” He said that his mother was Jewish and his maternal grandmother looked after orphaned Jewish children after World War II.



Please. She Needs Your Help.

29 02 2008

shibaniShibani is a 15 year-old girl in India. Her father only brings in 21 US dollars a month. She lives with her brother Joydeb, 14 and sister Bani, 7. Her favorite pastime is jumping rope and she is great at drawing. All 5 family members live in one multi-use room with walls and floors made of mud, and a roof made of corrugated metal. The home is heated with a coal stove. The sleep on the floor with a mat. Although water is not miles away, it is shared with the whole community Electricity is available, but not affordable. Their sanitary facility is an open field.
Please, I’m looking for donations to send to her each month. With being at college and my income level being lower, I need your help. Each month I send 22 dollars to Children International to help Shibani go to school, have clothes and get adequate medical care. She needs your help. I hate to sound like a broken record, but you really can help. Even one dollar will help me get her closer to the comfort we all enjoy.

Hardboiled or Softboiled? Fuck That. How About Unboiled?

28 02 2008

The Man Who Can Unboil an Egg

Neatorama: LINK

Meet Hervé This, French physical chemist who, along with physicist Nicholas Kurti, founded the “Molecular Gastronomy” culinary movement (he wrote the famous book with the same title). Hervé is famous for being the man who could unboil an egg.

His specialism is the science of cooking. For him, every foodstuff is ‘a chemical mixture’. ‘When aromatic compounds are formed on the surface of a roast,they are the result of a chemical reaction. When mushrooms turn black after being chopped, it is the fruit of a chemical reaction.’

Over the years, his musings on chemical reactions have led to a number of discoveries. He has worked out how to uncook an egg. He has calculated that you can produce 24 litres of mayonnaise with a single yolk. He has invented a Béarnaise sauce by replacing butter with melted chocolate, as well as ‘chocolate chantilly’ (a form of whipped chocolate prepared in the same way as crème chantilly). He’s baked an egg for an hour at 55°C, managing somehow to leave the yolk ‘exceptionally smooth and tender’.

Oh, and how do you unboil an egg? Hervé explains:

… when an egg is cooked, the protein molecules unroll themselves, link up and enclose the water molecules. In order to ‘uncook’ the egg, you need to detach the protein molecules from each other. By adding a product like sodium borohydride, the egg becomes liquid within three hours. For those who want to try it at home, vitamin C also does the trick.

Solving AIDS: The Kiss Phone.

27 02 2008

Trend Hunter: LINK

JK JK! AIDS is still a problem. But don’t forget, Malaria afflicts more people a year.

We told you cell phone kissing was a hot activity in Japan, and now kissing your loved one from a distance via mobile is even easier thanks to the Kiss Phone.
Better than just using video and making loud smooching sounds, this neat gadget from PROinvention can actually detect the intensity of your kiss. It senses the pressure you use, the heat of your lips and how hard you press or suck.
Here’s the creepiest part. Your partner, who also has a Kiss Phone, simply has to press their lips against the fake plastic mouth of the phone to feel their partner’s simulated mouth on theirs. You can also leave kisses on the answering machine, and replay them over and over, until your lips are satisfied.
Could be a good flu, sickness or cold sore dodger too. “Hunny, I would kiss you, but I don’t want to get infected,” will be replaced by, “Darling, I want to lay my lips on yours… bust out the Kiss Phone!”
One last thought. If you use a Kiss Phone with someone other than your boyfriend or girlfriend, is it cheating?
That would be a good thing to know before downloading or uploaded kisses on the web; the site has a kiss bank with smooches from people like Madonna!

God. Sex is Boring. Oh Wait! Musical Condoms. Interesting.

27 02 2008

Musical Condoms – When Transducers Become Part of Sex

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Speaking of which, check out this promotion for condoms from  India.

You’re getting ready to hop in the sack and do the nasty dance, and your partner says: “Shall we do Clumsy or Sensual Seduction?” Is the conversation about A) your moves; B) your equipment; or C) your condom? If you said C you will like the patent filed for the musical condom.

Inventor Spot explains it as “a chip-controlled piezoelectric sound transducer (18) which plays a melody or voiced message when during intercourse the contacts of the sound-playing unit are closed and the transducer is activated.”

Safe and sound sex has arrived. Are you prepared?

17 People Make Hamburger in 101 Steps

25 02 2008

Purdue group wins Rube Goldberg contest
Associated Press: LINK
WEST LAFAYETTE, Ind. — Purdue University students who devised a contraption that prepared a hamburger in 101 steps, including a conveyor belt that moved the cheese and buns, won Purdue’s regional Rube Goldberg Machine Contest.
Saturday’s win by the 17-member Purdue Society of Professional Engineers earns them a spot in the April 5 national Rube Goldberg contest, named for the late cartoonist known for his drawings of complicated devices performing simple tasks.
Team captain Drew Wischer said the group began working last fall on its entry in this year’s regional challenge of creating the most complicated way to make a hamburger. He and his teammates had spent about 4,000 hours perfecting its many pieces, parts and motions.
“I’ve been with this team for four years, and this is a wonderful way to leave the competition,” said Wischer, a senior in aviation technology from Cedarburg, Wis.
The team used a global travel theme in their hamburger-making machine. That journey began at Purdue, activated by a ticket punch for the Boilermaker Express before embarking first to London, with a stop at Big Ben…

Candle Inspired By Cholesterol

25 02 2008

Geekologie: LINK

The Bravit Candle was created by Christoph Van Bommel. Basically you light the main wick, and then the flame can split and take different wick paths, sometimes with as many as 5 going at once. They cost anywhere from $80 – $170 depending on the size. The actual wick structure was “inspired from the molecular structure of cholesterol” and the candles were “specially designed for long romantic dinners, as the light can last up to 5 hours.” Ah yes, the cholesterol inspired romantic dinner candle. I’ll tell you what, I find cholesterol so romantic. Cholesterol and heart attacks both really get me in the mood.