2 08 2008
Tell No One
Tell No One

Movies I Recently Watched:
Total Recall (8.5/10)
The 6th Day (7/10)
Tell No One (9.9/10)
2019 After the Fall of New York (7/10)
Cassandra’s Dream (6/10)
Night of the Comet (7.5/10)
12 Angry Men (8.5/10)
Mulholland Falls (5/10)
3:10 to Yuma (6/10)
Across the Universe (4/10)

Ultramagnetic MCs
Ultramagnetic MC’s

Music I’m Listening to:

Depeche Mode – Strangelove
Ultramagnetic MC’s – Critical Breakdown
Kool Moe Dee – Knowledge is King
Noir Desir – Des Visages, Des Figures
Foals – Antidotes


Recent TV Activity:
Family Guy
Twin Peaks
The Cure – Greatest Hits (acoustic)
Rolling Stones – Bridges To Babylon


Curious About Beijing Rock?

23 03 2008

Oftentimes I get frustrated with hearing cookie-cutter bands on the radio, tv and even among friends – but I just want something different. like the same formula in chinese. oh wait. what’s that you say? there are other bands in other countries! check the link at the bottom for an article about the Beijing rock scene.

A list of Beijing Rock Bands:
New Pants
Milk and Coffee
Too Koo
Carsick Cars
Torturing Nurse

Here’s a link to an article about the Beijing Rock Scene:

Ode to Spitzer

17 03 2008

atleastheisntthemcgreeveysI was gonna go all “Perez Hilton” on his photo, but I decided in favor of a little class. very little class.

Top 5 Reasons Dropping $80,000 for a Hooker is Bad for the Environment

1. Extra Travel
2. Hotels
3. Conspicuous Consumption
4. The Money
5. Political Backlash


Ashley Alexandra Dupre’s Myspace (with her own music!)


Prostitution in a Wired World

“Not only can prostitutes and escort services now run more efficient businesses, but they can leverage word-of-mouth advertising in new ways to build their brands and troll for clients.”

Prostitution: A User’s Manual

This article goes through all those nagging prostitution questions like “what is prostitution?”; “do prostitutions have a comparative and/or absolute advantage is blowjobs?”; “why do prostitutes rake in so much dough?”; “how can I become a prostitute?”; and “where can I find prostitutes?”


Ashley Alexandra Dupre Cashes In

This article makes me wish I was Spitzer’s woman. I want to be in Playboy!


Fall of Troy

3 03 2008

Open wide, space and time distort the mind.
Constantly, we dare to cheat,
It feels so right to be so wrong
Normal love set aside, leave your
Heart at the bedside.
Contaminate the air like you do,
Swear I’m telling you the truth.

Jaded Masquerade. No Names.
Contradicting fates.
It’s all the same.

I’m telling you the truth,
I’m telling you the truth I swear.
I’m telling you the truth I swear.

I just want your attention baby,
Every sweat-soaked night, every
Taunting fight!!!

Lock the doors, turn off the lights,
Remove all your clothes!
Remove all your clothes!

RPM Challenge ’08: Record an Album 29 Days (February)

2 03 2008

Here’s the Challenge:

Write 35 minutes, 10 songs, submit it.

“Don’t wait for inspiration – taking action puts you in a position to get inspired. You’ll stumble across ideas you would have never come up with otherwise, and maybe only because you were trying to meet a day’s quota of (song)writing. Show up and get something done, and invest in yourself and each other.
Anyone can come up with an excuse to say “no,” so don’t. Many of you are thinking “But, I can’t do that! I don’t have any songs/recording gear/money/blah blah blah…” But this doesn’t have to be the album, it’s just an album. Remember, this is an artistic exercise. Just do your best using what you have in order to get itvivaldisucks done. If you have a four-track, become a four-track badass! A mini disc, a pro-tools rig, a Walkman, an 80’s tape recorder – use it. Do your best. Use the limitations of time and gear as an opportunity to explore things you might not try otherwise. If you can afford studio time in a “real” studio, fine, but let’s be completely free of any lingering idea that “good” records can only be made in a studio. If that were so, then all the old scratchy blues records or Alan Lomax field recordings that have changed our culture – the world’s culture – wouldn’t still resonate with us today as they do. Springsteen’s haunting classic “Nebraska” was a demo he did at home on a crappy machine. That album is fricking awesome. What label would put those recordings out now? (See: who cares) There are a million examples of this kind of stuff, but the fact will always be: Well written, honest music is compelling and undeniable no matter what it was recorded on. So put it to tape”

Honestly, I bet there are some gems here. But why be challenged to write music. why not just do? I guess you can be forced into stopping revising music/editing (fuckin Billy Corgan over here is wasting his time, goddam. you really hear a difference between a flanger through a phaser and a phaser through a flanger? get a real job, baldy) So check it out so you can listen to music that isn’t on loop. [as an aside, Vivaldi is a bitch. Spring, winter, summer, fall sounds all the same. get inspired Vivaldi]

Please. She Needs Your Help.

29 02 2008

shibaniShibani is a 15 year-old girl in India. Her father only brings in 21 US dollars a month. She lives with her brother Joydeb, 14 and sister Bani, 7. Her favorite pastime is jumping rope and she is great at drawing. All 5 family members live in one multi-use room with walls and floors made of mud, and a roof made of corrugated metal. The home is heated with a coal stove. The sleep on the floor with a mat. Although water is not miles away, it is shared with the whole community Electricity is available, but not affordable. Their sanitary facility is an open field.
Please, I’m looking for donations to send to her each month. With being at college and my income level being lower, I need your help. Each month I send 22 dollars to Children International to help Shibani go to school, have clothes and get adequate medical care. She needs your help. I hate to sound like a broken record, but you really can help. Even one dollar will help me get her closer to the comfort we all enjoy.

Video Overload!

26 02 2008

I love Devo. and NIN. Trent Reznor. His politics are great – on the opening of music. Me, being a Libertarian, loves the idea. LINK Also, you all know about Fight Club, the musical right? well get this, Trent Reznor Might do the Music. LINK.