Ode to Spitzer

17 03 2008

atleastheisntthemcgreeveysI was gonna go all “Perez Hilton” on his photo, but I decided in favor of a little class. very little class.

Top 5 Reasons Dropping $80,000 for a Hooker is Bad for the Environment

1. Extra Travel
2. Hotels
3. Conspicuous Consumption
4. The Money
5. Political Backlash


Ashley Alexandra Dupre’s Myspace (with her own music!)


Prostitution in a Wired World

“Not only can prostitutes and escort services now run more efficient businesses, but they can leverage word-of-mouth advertising in new ways to build their brands and troll for clients.”

Prostitution: A User’s Manual

This article goes through all those nagging prostitution questions like “what is prostitution?”; “do prostitutions have a comparative and/or absolute advantage is blowjobs?”; “why do prostitutes rake in so much dough?”; “how can I become a prostitute?”; and “where can I find prostitutes?”


Ashley Alexandra Dupre Cashes In

This article makes me wish I was Spitzer’s woman. I want to be in Playboy!





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