Snow? Really?

23 04 2012

So it snowed today.
After having about 7 day over 90.
So there’s that.
We watched a video on parasitic worms. Malaria, etc. It was captivating. Especially the microscopic pulsation of those worms.
But all in all it’s been a good day. My friend, Ryan converted some inDesign files from high school. Nostalgic to the Max. And I wrote some tunes on my computer guitar tab software.
And tonight, my day off, I’m watching whatever I want while Laura watches something else in bed. Isn’t it wonderful to have some alone time?

Today, I tried the one eat app, galaxy pool and deleted them both.


Hey You Guys!

5 04 2012

well, um recently I’ve been wanting to connect with my neighbors and I’ve been thinking that blogging may be the best way to connect in the digital age. Facebook is overplenished with groups, names, people. not organized well. let me try to see if this will help.

Shaven / Caffeine / CiCi’s

9 12 2008

I shaved yesterday with a disposible razor. it was rough as I had, at it’s longest, 3 inches of beard to cut. I was going to wait until this weekend to trim it, but I need a clean face soon to apply for and interview for jobs. Applying to: AT&T sales, Kmart Customer Service, Dental Hygeinist Assistant somewhere’s in Chalfont. I’ll have some work via Manhattan Bagel and Meyle Inc.

When I get caffeinated 2 things happen, I’m either happy or sad. As I was well caffeinated in GEOG, I began to miss PSU and became very nervous about what will happen once I’m home. and I have to get Christmas gifts. oh no. but I did start to think about where I want to be in a couple years. I’d like to own a business. a little shop of some sort. and I want to move out because I value independence. If I get a decent job this coming semester I hope to accumulate enough capital to move out by summer or fall. Wish me luck. and if you have any advice, feel free to comment.

I’m going to CiCi’s for dinner with Ben and a few others.

and I want to give Nick names to my best friends. or something of that nature. but maybe that’s just the caffeine talking.

Raging Bull (1980)

16 11 2008
Raging Bull

Raging Bull

I wasn’t really into it. Deniro played the crazy boxer quite convincingly. I genuinely understood how that much pain can cause insane behaviour. The Directing was at times fascinating and then over the top and most times I just didn’t care for it.

Acting: B

Directing: B-

Plot: C+

(7.5 of 10)

I might return to WordPress

16 11 2008

I’m debating if I like Tumblr still. I may just use it as a site for just aggregating cool stuff. I’d much rather have a blog that I can use for Personal Commentary, Movie reviews, Book reviews and Articles. I just want a space where I can get comments. I’m so on for a challenge to get internet populatirty.


3 08 2008

Movie Update: Watched The Toxic Avenger and Meatballs today.

Meatballs (7/10)

Toxic Avenger (8/10)

I’ll be posting a playlist for the week soon hopefully. and I’m going to start reading Darkly Dreaming Dexter soon. Might be going Thrift Shopping with Ben. (Update: not going)


2 08 2008
Tell No One
Tell No One

Movies I Recently Watched:
Total Recall (8.5/10)
The 6th Day (7/10)
Tell No One (9.9/10)
2019 After the Fall of New York (7/10)
Cassandra’s Dream (6/10)
Night of the Comet (7.5/10)
12 Angry Men (8.5/10)
Mulholland Falls (5/10)
3:10 to Yuma (6/10)
Across the Universe (4/10)

Ultramagnetic MCs
Ultramagnetic MC’s

Music I’m Listening to:

Depeche Mode – Strangelove
Ultramagnetic MC’s – Critical Breakdown
Kool Moe Dee – Knowledge is King
Noir Desir – Des Visages, Des Figures
Foals – Antidotes


Recent TV Activity:
Family Guy
Twin Peaks
The Cure – Greatest Hits (acoustic)
Rolling Stones – Bridges To Babylon