Google Bomb?

29 02 2008

Google bombing involves manipulating search engines’ contextual search methodologies to cause a certain search phrase to point to an unexpected page, usually for comedic or satirical purposes. A recent example of a Google bomb happened in January 2008, when the search phrase “dangerous cult” returned the Church of Scientology home page as the top search result.

Step 1: Plan Your Assault
Step 2: Generate a Whole Lotta Links
Step 3: Tell Everyone

On the right is a search for “miserable failure” with pages popping up for biographies of George W. Bush and Jimmy Carter. Jimmy was ok, c’mon now. I mean, he was a peanut farmer from Georgia who got elected because people was like “fuck republicans, I want me some real man” so Reagan was elected after Jimmy. and people were like “he’s ok” and George W. Bush became president after a real man came to power (George H.W. Bush). and now we’re here.





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