The First Rule of Fight Club is…

29 02 2008

Fight Club Musical in the Works fightclubmusicalisforchumps

Interested? Trent Reznor might do the music. More interested? Know people who want to start a fight club? someone with multiple personality disorder? People who just plain like to fuck each others faces up? yes, me too. Wanna join a real fight club? Meet other fighters online. because the first rule of fight club is…you talk about fight club online in hopes to me other fighters so you can fight sometime, and maybe make a youtube video about it and get it snagged off the internet and then you’re like “fuck man, that’s so lame, isn’t this a free country? last time I checked this was a free country. hahaha. Country. Cunt. hahahaha. tree. damn, I’m hungry. no wait, horny” and then you realize Youtube isn’t just an American corporation, it’s an international corporations with it’s operations all over the world and then you’re like, “fuck, this is a run-on sentence if I ever seen one. I mean, If I ever sawed one. Sorry, I’m an English buff, I know hows words works.”

The Musical: LINK

Fight Club Online: LINK




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