Bathtub-Accident-Prone Neighbor Gets TV Show

29 02 2008

clevelandbrownSources are working on a Family Guy Spin-off. Tentatively Titled “Cleveland”, it revolves around 1 of the only black people working in television today.

Fox has several cartoons in the works, including an animated version of its 2003 short-lived live-action comedy “The Pitts,” from “Simpsons” veteran Mike Scully; “Relative Insanity,” executive produced by Jack Black; and “Mothballs,” from “Drawn Together” creators Matt Silverstein and Dave Jeser. LINK

Let’s see what these shows are about…Brbrbrbrbrb. LOLOLOLOLZ


The Pitts: Mediocrity Rules – The tag line for the show was: “The family with the worst luck in the world have zany adventures.” that’s so wacky. ha. zany! funny! no.

Relative Insanity – executive producer is Jack Black, should get some laughs. but nothing as funny as his intro to “Awesometown

“Mothballs revolves around the Westings, a dysfunctional family who own and operate a nursing, wherein they also reside.  The series begins with the family’s uptight patriarch and nursing home owner being forced to accommodate his vivacious but estranged father in his tightly run facility.”  Yeah. that’s what we need, more shows about dysfunctional families. wow. innovators? yes.  LINK




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24 03 2008

i am gonna show this to my friend, brother

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