Shaven / Caffeine / CiCi’s

9 12 2008

I shaved yesterday with a disposible razor. it was rough as I had, at it’s longest, 3 inches of beard to cut. I was going to wait until this weekend to trim it, but I need a clean face soon to apply for and interview for jobs. Applying to: AT&T sales, Kmart Customer Service, Dental Hygeinist Assistant somewhere’s in Chalfont. I’ll have some work via Manhattan Bagel and Meyle Inc.

When I get caffeinated 2 things happen, I’m either happy or sad. As I was well caffeinated in GEOG, I began to miss PSU and became very nervous about what will happen once I’m home. and I have to get Christmas gifts. oh no. but I did start to think about where I want to be in a couple years. I’d like to own a business. a little shop of some sort. and I want to move out because I value independence. If I get a decent job this coming semester I hope to accumulate enough capital to move out by summer or fall. Wish me luck. and if you have any advice, feel free to comment.

I’m going to CiCi’s for dinner with Ben and a few others.

and I want to give Nick names to my best friends. or something of that nature. but maybe that’s just the caffeine talking.


You might have Popcorn-Flavored Jelly Beans, But do you have…

30 03 2008

Absinthe-flavored lollipops


Maple-Bacon flavored lollipops?

Candy isn’t just for kids; in fact, Lolliphile’s, lollipops are made with real absinthe, so you probably wouldn’t want your little ones anywhere near them.

The San Francisco company has been overwhelmed at the popularity of these anise flavored little suckers. Their mildly taboo nature makes them all the more intriguing.

“They are made with real (and completely legal!) absinthe, with no artificial colors or flavors at all,” the company explains.

The spirit absinthe not only has an alcohol content of 45%-75% ABV, but the herbal drink also has thujone, the chemical that was, for many years, attributed with addictive, psychoactive properties. The drink, which originated in Switzerland, was banned in the early 1900s in the US and most of Europe. Today, it’s been shown that when consumed in moderation, is not harmful at all and is being sold again in many countries.

“After a ridiculously long prohibition, absinthe has officially made a comeback,” Lollyphile explains on their site. “The US Government recently approved the sale of absinthe within certain guidelines, namely that there is less than 10ppm of thujone. Our Absinthe Lollipops contain an amount of thujone that is within the legal limits set by the US regulatory authorities and of the European Union.”


Drugs are Ok. But Skittles, Fuck, Suspension!

17 03 2008

An eighth-grade honors student was suspended for a day, barred from attending an honors dinner and stripped of his title as class vice president after he was caught with contraband candy. He was restored to his post and his suspension expunged. But get a load of this awesome quotation:

“I am sorry this has happened,” Principal Turner said in a statement. “My hope is that we can get back to the normal school routine, especially since we are in the middle of taking the Connecticut mastery test.”

…Especially since we are in the middle of taking the Connecticut mastery test. Yes. Not because it is fucking stupid to suspend someone for selling skittles, but because the distraction will break moral and cause students to do bad on a fucking state test. Michael didn’t realize his candy purchase was against the rules, but he was being “secretive”. You would be secretive too, if you were a politician. didn’t you see that Spitzer guy?


Accident Ruins Fat Man’s Date Plans

13 03 2008

His only goal was to go on a date with his girlfriend. It’s so sad, he lost 400 pounds so he can actually get outside.

MEXICO CITY (AP) — When Manuel Uribe went out on a date, he made all the necessary arrangements: a forklift to carry him out of the house and a flatbed tow truck big enough to haul the formerly half-ton man and his bed to a party.
But even the open road wasn’t big enough to handle Uribe’s dream of celebrating a budding romance and his success in losing about 440 pounds.
Uribe was halfway to a picnic near his Monterrey-area home on Sunday when one of the posts holding a sun-shielding tarp over his bed hit an overpass. Uribe’s blood pressure dropped so much his doctors advised him not to go on and the celebration – being documented by about two dozen photographers and reporters from around the world – was canceled.
“We were going to celebrate that I’ve been losing weight for two years and that it was my girlfriend’s birthday,” Uribe said in a telephone interview.

“The saddest part was that I couldn’t fulfill my dream of taking my girlfriend out to eat.”
Uribe says that after losing weight on a high-protein diet he started two years ago, he’s down to about 800 pounds.
Last year, Uribe left his house for the first time in five years. Six people pushed his iron bed on wheels out to the street as a mariachi band played and a crowd gathered to see the man who once weighed 1,235 pounds).
At the time, the 42-year-old mechanic rode through the streets of his native San Nicolas de los Garza to enjoy the sun and wave to neighbors.
Uribe weighed more than 250 pounds as an adolescent, and he just kept growing. Since the summer of 2002, Uribe has been bedridden, relying on his mother and friends to feed and clean him. He drew worldwide attention when he pleaded for help on national television in January 2006. Uribe says despite the setback, he still hopes to go out with his girlfriend on June 11, when he will turn 43. “We’ll just have to plan it better,” he said.


lg π w xtra chz, plz

28 02 2008

Pizza Hut Adds Cell Phones To Ordering Service
Information Week: LINK

Pizza Hut joined other pizza chains this week and launched a service that allows people to place their orders on mobile phones.4meplz
People can sign up for the service at and then add their mobile phone number to the account. They can create a customized “Pizza Playlist” with their favorite menu choices and use it as a guide when texting an order to Pizza Hut.
Pizza Hut is offering a second option that requires people to visit its Web site on a phone’s browser. The Web site has been optimized to work on small screens, according to Pizza Hut. It works just like the desktop version where people can browse the complete menu and place their order on the site.
Pizza Hut isn’t the first to enable orders on mobile phones. Domino’s and Papa John’s offer similar services…

Jacki, We’re Baking Cookies

27 02 2008

Caramel de-Lites
Baking Bites: LINKiheartcarameldelights

Samoas, also known as Caramel de-Lites, have always been my favorite girl scout cookie (although I do enjoy Do-Si-Dos, Tagalongs and Thin Mints). I’m not sure how they rank in the overall scheme of GS cookie popularity, but I will go so far as to say that I have never met someone who didn’t care for them at all – even people who say that they usually don’t like coconut. I think that the cookie is just a good and rather unique combination of flavors.

The Girl Scout bakeries describe Samoas as vanilla cookies dipped in caramel, topped with coconut and drizzled with chocolate. All good flavors, though I have to admit that I never tasted much vanilla in the cookies themselves, and so I used this description as a jumping off point for my version. I remember the cookies as being crisp and tender in the original, and selected a plain shortbread-like base for these. The cookie dough is very rich – by which I mean that it has a lot of butter – and is very easy to work with. The butter keeps it tender, so it won’t toughen up even after repeated rollings of the dough…

Kraft to Fill Bagels With Creamy White Substance

26 02 2008

Cream-Cheese-Filled Bagels Still Not As Good As Creme-Filled Hot Dogs
Market Watch: LINK

^^^^ (Futurama Reference). Post Title via

NEW YORK (MarketWatch) — Kraft Foods Inc. which has been working to reignite growth in its cheese business, plans to launch a new line of frozen breakfast offerings called Bagel-Fuls.
The food giant is expected to unveil that new line at the Consumer Analyst Group of New York Conference Tuesday morning. Kraft’s efforts come at a time when the company has been fighting commodity price increases and looking for ways to energize its brands in the face of competition from cheaper private-label products.
Kraft’s new Bagel-Fuls brand are frozen bagels, which come stuffed with Philadelphia cream cheese. Kraft sells everything from Maxwell House coffee to Oscar Mayer meats, but cheese is still a key part of its business. Last year the company’s North America cheese and food-service business had revenue of $6.4 billion.bagel.jpg
The company has faced some challenges in its cheese business. Dairy costs have been soaring, hurting Kraft’s margins and forcing it to raise prices for its cheese products. Cheaper private label, or store brands, also have also been trying to build up the offering of cheese products. In recent quarters, marketing and new products has helped Kraft build share in categories like snacking cheeses…