Might be Executed? Not My Problem Says Dutch, British

30 03 2008

Iranian lesbian who fled to Britain faces deportation
Gay teenager faces return to Iran after Dutch ruling

In two separate cases, two homosexuals are facing deportation back to Iran. In Iran, homosexuals are considered sinners and are subject to execution by hanging, stoning or firing squad. The gay teenager’s partner has already been executed and the Dutch and British are not honoring a right to refuge for him. Speaking through her asylum representative in Sheffield yesterday, Ms Emambakhsh said: “I will never, never go back. If I do I know I will die.”
Under the Iranian Islamic Punishment Act, lesbians found guilty of sexual relations can be sentenced to 100 lashes. But, for a third offense, the punishment is execution. So why don’t they just stop? because the government shouldn’t be involved in private matters. Get the fuck out of my bedroom.




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