You were Wearing Jeans? Then You Can’t Possibly be Raped

29 03 2008

jeansvictimThis case might set precedent for other people to be freed from jail. because if collaboration is need to remove jeans, then collaboration is needed for being shoved into a van. because it can’t be against her will if she has legs, she could use them. For shame Italy, you just gave rapists a reason to hunt jean-loving ladies. And aren’t advertisers to blame too? like cigarette ads for young’ins, jeans ads collaborate with criminals to get women in jeans. Article:

Italy’s highest court has ruled that a woman wearing jeans cannot be raped.

The Supreme Court of Appeal in Rome on Wednesday overturned a rape conviction, saying that the supposed victim must have agreed to sex because her jeans could not have been removed without her consent.

Rome Correspondent David Willey: “Ground-breaker in Italian legal annals”
A court in the southern town of Potenza had convicted a driving instructor of raping his 18-year-old pupil.

The instructor, aged 45 and identified only as Carmine, had been sentenced to 34 months’ jail.

His defence had argued that the young woman – identified as Rosa – had consented to sex, a version of events which the woman strongly denied.

The Supreme Court ruled that it was impossible to remove a pair of jeans “without the collaboration of the person wearing them”, and that the young woman must therefore have consented to sex.

In a judgement likely to anger women’s rights organisations, the rape conviction was reversed.

Driving instructors in Italy have a reputation, deserved or undeserved, for molesting young female pupils, and the case appeared at first to be a familiar story of sexual assault on a lonely country road.





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30 03 2008
having a lover was a “circumstance that damaged the honour of the person among family and friends”. « The Unheard

[…] the person among family and friends”. 30 03 2008 Italy is great. you can’t be raped if you are wearing jeans and you are allowed to lie about affairs. […]

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