20,000 People Die from Extreme Poverty a Day

25 03 2008

Sorry. I haven’t felt much like myself lately. the only thing that really makes me happy right now is working. I’m relatively happy, I guess. but I want more. I’m looking for new friends but it’s hard to come by, it’s hard to go up to someone and say “hey, my name is Alex. Want to be friends?” I’m feeling pretty apathetic, I just want to find a way to make myself happy or be forgiven. But what do I have to offer? I can’t give gifts or money. nothing. I try to say something anything but I can only say I miss you so many times. My life kind of does suck but’s just so much better than the people who have nothing. Why should I be upset? When people are dying just from being poor, I don’t think I should complain. I mean, I’ve got friends. not close ones anymore. Sure, my roommate is a complete jerk and doesn’t say a word, but when he does it’s on his phone really loud with the TV up to 11. So? It’s not that bad. I’ll have to sell my car. oh well. it’s not like I’m living on the streets. it’s my favorite possession in the world, but as long as I can eat… College isn’t bad. I can manage that. I don’t have anyone to turn to. I don’t have a close relationship with my family because I don’t want to upset them, or make them think any less of me. I don’t know why we’re not close. It’s not because of dad. that’s another thing, my dad’s dead. oh god. well, I actually feel better now. I’m not going to let myself get myself down. bye.




2 responses

25 03 2008

Things will get better, promise. Love you<3

26 03 2008

Uhm, Alex. Things can’t be bad when you enlighten the world on this unheard business, goshhh.
but really. dude. I’m always here, yo.
well, not always. but sometimes.
peace, fool.

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