This Week in Review

23 03 2008

To whomever it may concern:

I know I haven’t been posting often but I’m hoping to bring back regular posts – hoping to do about 4-7 posts a day. I’ve got many many articles to talk about. I just haven’t found the time or felt the urge to post. I’m not gonna post like I used to, trying to make each post unique and exciting instead of just copy-paste and links.

This week I’ve been studying more than I used to and I’ve been going around campus – to the library and HUB – to try out new environments. Not much happening in the papers, which is a let down. But I started working at the dining commons next to my hall. It’s quite an experience, lemme tell you. I forget all about school when I’m working. It’s immersed in learning new things and trying to keep myself busy. I don’t really like standing around because it gives a bad impression to the people above me. And yesterday I made around 100+ cheese steaks – working the grill on my second day of work. It was a lot of responsibility, but it beats standing around picking at my fingernails. Really, I love to work. I get paid, stay occupied, socialize and help people. I can’t complain, except chopping at meat patties to make them into cheese steaks takes some arm strength. I guess it’s good because I don’t go to the gym.

This tourney is fun. I’ve been catching games here and there and competing with friends (over “bracketology”) is always fun. Wtf, Firefox. Bracketology is a word, goddammit. oops. It’s Easter, isn’t it? Happy Easter!

So anyway, to get to my point, I’m looking for people to write with me, either as guest bloggers or co-bloggers. I need some inspiration! I’ve got great articles, just need help writing about them. My Fun drive is not working at full capacity? what am I saying?

It’s been fun being back to PSU. One thing I missed about PSU all spring break. the showers. beautiful water pressure. nice and hard. and fast… ;-)

like rugby.

So thanks for listening and thanks for all the people for being nice. and fuck you, roomie.


Alex Kozdra




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