Just When I Thought I Couldn’t Waste More Money on Water…

23 03 2008

drinkgasAfter long workouts at the buffet, I need a way to rehydrate myself. but with these piles of money stacking up, I just can’t cut it with normal, everyday bottled water. I was going to drink gas, but that shit is cheaper. ugh! so thanks to Evian, I now I have a better, more refined way of drinking down my precious money. Mineral Water Spray. 10 bucks for 5 ounces sounds like a little, but just think of all those starving children in Africa or Antarctica. or whatever. 5 ounces is more than half a can of soda, so you’re really saving the environment with the spray and you’re helping the economy. woot woot!

also, don’t buy this please. 





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