Extreme Sports Get You Extreme Killed.

23 03 2008

Not only can you get more extremely hurt (which is sick! Youtube that shit, yo!) but you can also look totally awesome-ly Asian. holla!

From the product webpage:
Poweriser is the latest in extreme sports! Powerisers
enable their users to run and jump with super human
speed and strength!
How’s that possible?
Powerisers possess a unique fiberglass spring which
is loaded with your gravitational potential and kinetic
energy! Simply push upon the spring using your weight
and the spring pushes back! Poweriser running and
jumping stilts will enable you to jump to heights of 5-7 feet
and run at speeds of 17-21 mph! A perfect leg training activity!





4 responses

23 03 2008

How cool! But I don’t think I’m ready to get extremely killed yet… Maybe later. =]


25 03 2008
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26 03 2008

I jumped to the fuckin moon. And it wasnt extreme enough. This world can do better.

6 11 2009

I am doing it and it is simply GREAT! This sport is awesome! :D

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