RateMyCop.com: “It exposes us”

19 03 2008

Oh no! A site that rates cops, that’s unconstitutional somehow, right? I mean, we don’t want to endanger PUBLIC officials or anything. no, no, no. Cops should be on a higher plateau than criminals and pedophiles because every single cops is clean. Ain’t that right, Rodney King?

This site helps rate more than 130,000 cops based on authority, fairness, and satisfaction. The names of police officers are in the public domain, so there is nothing legally wrong about the site. Police associations are seeking legal injunctions to shut down the site because police officers rated face “unfair maligning without an opportunity to defend themselves.”  Cops from the Police Link – a social community for law-enforcement agents – were in uproar over this website. One cop identified as Wgipson1073 (for “protection”, right?) says “Looks like a shopping center for cop killers to me. Pick a name that sounds good then go pick off the officer. That site is nothing more than a disaster waiting to happen.”

Constitutional attorney and former San Francisco Police Commissioner Peter Keane said “any kind of publication is protected as long as it’s not publishing privileged information.”





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21 03 2008

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21 03 2008

update, douche.

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