Another Injustice: Bench-Warmers Against Homeless

19 03 2008

Strategically placed “community activists” in San Diego’s finer district will sit on their asses to help keep those godforsaken nomads off their streets. Revered by her local community for getting donations for public benches (what a feat!), Esther Viti is now overseeing a public effort to keep homeless people from making those comfy benches (with 2 bed, 1 bath) their own homes. She sent out emails to community activists asking for donations of time to “sit in three-hour shifts” without pee breaks. c’mon lady, a man’s gotta pee. and better it be on a homeless man, oh wait! I think you’ve got that covered. “After all, you MUST OCCUPY THAT BENCH continually for three hours to prevent that homeless person from sitting on that bench,” the e-mail said. Other efforts to keep homeless off benches didn’t work – even metal dividers didn’t stop them from sleeping all over the place. Go Home, Transients! In 2006 an estimated 9,600 homeless roamed the streets of San Diego. Why won’t they just get real jobs and not live off the government. lazy, right, Ms. Esther “Fuck the Poor” Viti?




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