The Aliens are Cuming!

17 03 2008

Since Real Dolls aren’t good enough for all you creepers out there, and this documentary hasn’t swayed you away from Realdolldom, Area 51 has recently unlocked the classified ultra-secret sex dolls left after the Aliens crashed in Roswell. Being in company with Charlie Sheen may be one of your fantasies, but I wouldn’t want to be known for being the guy who buys real dolls. Now these documents have recently been released to the public. What I love about this product is that it caters to the people who really need to get laid, the guys who are watching total recall and Star Trek 24/7. Don’t get me wrong I love total recall, I can honestly say Arnold Schwarzeneggar cannot do a bad movie. He may not be a good actor, but his movies are fan-fuckin-tastic. Did you see Conan the Barbarian? and he’s not too bad acting like a politician too, except for the whole not-supporting-gay-marriage thing. anyway, I wish I could watch Star Trek, I just fall asleep everytime with the bland conversation. but it is funny how Captain James T. Kirk is so Pomp and how Spock is the shit because he’s so heartless. but I digress…Alien Sex Dolls. With Free Alien Lube, “pussy-shaped mouth, 3 supples breasts, suction cup fingers and ass-shaped ears make it the kinkiest love slave in the galaxy”.





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