It Enhanced Their Sexual Relationship Having Me be a Part of It

17 03 2008

jimmcgiveittomeWakka chicka wakka chicka wakka chicka wah

Theodore Pedersen, Former Governor McGreevy’s aide (sexually and politically) revealed that he had sexual relations not only with the governor, but his girlfriend and former wife, Dina Matos. They had “Friday Night Specials” from 1999-2001 which included dinner at T.G.I. Friday’s (who have great Jack Daniel’s Samplers, so fucking delicious) and ended with a threesome at McGreevey’s condo (get a real home!). There is some honor in Pedersen’s testimony, he wanted to tell the truth and make sure Dina doesn’t get the big “payday.” Love it. The story has honor, betrayal, sex, politics, love, and lust – everything I look for in a movie (oops! I mean porno, my bad, LOLtastic).

and here’s some quotations:

“I had heard the rumors in circles outside of work,” he said. “In hindsight, there might have been light interest (in me), but it didn’t seem like he was gay. It did enhance their sexual relationship having me be a part of it.”

“The more we spend time with each other, the more we begin to trust each other with non-professional things,” he said. “That relationship starts to progress, to transform into subtle hints, flirts.”

Then, Pedersen said, “Friday night specials developed into Saturday mornings.”

“The sex was good,” Matos McGreevey wrote.





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