You are Wrong Craig Playstead

13 03 2008

number8I found this list of “10 Things You Should Never Say to a Guy” off of MSN. It’s like we haven’t progressed from the prototypical 1950’s household at all. here’s my response to each thing:

1) “That looks cute.”
Thanks for noticing. I think you’re really cute, wanna make out?
2) “We need to talk.”
Aren’t we already talking?
3) “It’s just a game.”
Yeah, in the end we’re both losers anyway. you gonna eat that cake?
4) “Nothing’s wrong.”
5) “I sound like my mom.”
I like your mom.
6) “I just want to be friends.”
And have sex, right?
7) “Size doesn’t matter.”
Good. because I’m shorter than you.
8) “What are you wearing?”
Use your eyes, woman!
9) “Do you think she’s pretty?”
Are there aliens on the moon?
10) “Which outfit do you like better?”
Your birthday suit.





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