Man Blows Out Police, Not Birthday Candles

12 03 2008

jeffgoldblumisacuntThank God for facebook, now I know no one will forget my birthday. or else. watch your ass. if you’re my friend, no birthday wishes means death wishes. Death Wish starring Charles Bronson, a vigilante architect hell-bent on stopping street punks out of revenge. Jeff Goldblum (left) also stars as Punk #1. I’d be pissed if my name was ashley too. I hate you ashley parker angel and your fucking O-town (your solo career is amazing, however…PSYCHE!) but without further adeui, here’s your feature presentation:
A man who held police at bay during a 12-hour siege because no one phoned on his birthday was sentenced Thursday by an Australian court to six months in prison. Ashley Martin Hurst, 32, pleaded guilty in the District Court of Queensland state in the east coast city of Brisbane to charges including going armed in public to cause fear. Hurst brandished knives and taunted police to shoot him at a house in Ipswich, west of Brisbane, on June 22, 2006 – his birthday. Judge Helen O’Sullivan said Hurst deserved a prison sentence because he had distressed police.
“I’m told the reason you did this is no one rang you on your birthday,” Judge O’Sullivan said.
“Those who threaten police officers must expect custody,” she added.
She acknowledged Hurst had a history of mental illness and drug and alcohol abuse problems.




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