Victim of Drive-by…or a Liar!

10 03 2008

drivebyWTF? I mean, I’ve faked a cold and I stayed home before (thanks mom, for believing me!) Sheriffs detectives believe a man got his friend to shot him in the shoulder to avoid going to work. Police have not said whether the “victim” Daniel Kuch had obtained his time off of work. or if he still has his job. In initial investigation, Kuch said that he was a victim of a drive-by shoting while jogging thursday. I don’t know avoiding work or missing an upcoming drug test warrants a shot in the shoulder. I need my shoulder sometimes, especially for those lonely nights…no, not masturbating. bloggin! 24/7! a lil bit. nah, I’m sorry for not updating lately.

Eye Lub Comments:

Jack February 29th, 2008 – 11:07 pm

At least he didn’t shoot one of his coworkers!

SoCal Patriot March 1st, 2008 – 1:32 am

At least he didn’t spam his blog, looking for hits…





One response

13 03 2008

I would spam my own blog too. Its ok.
I laughed for a bit on that one. thanks.

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