Fired after Employer Served Him Alcohol

10 03 2008

patrickhenrylikesbigbuttsandicannotlieNeil Jorgenson worked at Riverside Casino and Golf Resort, but he never imagined being forced to drink and order prostitutes. He was given a gift certificate and free night’s stay at the hotel. After getting “plowed” he requested hiring prostitutes from the front desk then from an adjacent resport when his hotel became belligerent. they even had the nerve to knock on his door while he was naked. the nerve! He was fired the next day. He was denied claims for unemployment. anyway, this is sarcastic. but he shouldn’t be fired. that’s a wrongful termination. he was fired while being the customer. it’s not right, not right at all.





One response

13 03 2008

the font on ALL your photo captions is pissing me off. thanks.

and thats a weird ass case of wrongful termination.

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