Mock Gunman, Yeah, That’s Ethical

3 03 2008

brandonleeStudents at Elizabeth City State University got a surprise armed gunman at 1.30. But he wasn’t a real-real one. (theory of like-like applies here, if you don’t get me, ask me to explain) Assistant professor Jingbin Wang didn’t even know of the “drill” saying “I was prepared to die at that moment.” The drill took place 8 days after a gunman killed 5 people at Northern Illinois University. Yeah this is ethical. Still, not as bad as my Stephen King-esque teacher gone wrong. Imagine this. a hairy teacher in his whitey tighties, and boots (not laced of course) with a bottle of jack in one hand and a gun in the other. and all he says is “Marco!” and if he hears anything “BAM!” ok, well, when I get the chance, maybe there will be a plot too. a plot almost as good as “napoleon dynamite”
Also this takes the cake “Wang said, the man threatened to kill the student who had the lowest grade point average.”

Other Title Ideas:
I Laugh in the Face of Danger
My Middle Name is Danger
Scaring Kids Just Got Easier
Any other ideas?





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