What the Hella Good Phone.

3 03 2008

whatthehellagoodphoneZZZphones from USA (made in China) are allowing customers to design their own phones with whatever feature you could ever want – Even 2 SIM slots. Who needs that shit? This is a great idea. I mean, computers are customizable, why not phones? You think the market is saturated now? There are way more options overseas, both Europe and Asia (NOT Africa). We could supersaturate the market with all these phones and force producers to drive down the prices. or bring back pagers. what a great idea pagers were. it’s like the 8-track of the communication generation. or the Sega Dreamcast of communication. Just obsolete (but I’m sure there is a market for Dreamcast at least – there are petitions to bring the platform back) Then again, you could just waste your money on an iPhone. because iFuckinghateapple.

oh man. $149 base price. what’s the catch? oh. nothing much actually. I found a good one for $185 (just did the option for Skype, and that’s all I wanted to add). the base phone is good enough. wow.





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