Arrested for Stealing 500 Kidneys – Why?

3 03 2008

erkelOftentimes (meaning only right now) I’ve thought about the financial potential for organ selling.They are in high demand, and in limited supply (only x billion people in the world). So by my economics knowledge, the graph should look something like this. and so like marijuana, a small amount will get so much in return because of the laws against it and the small supply of it (well at least in the case of kidneys).

Let’s see, well this guy Amit Kumar is accused of removing kidneys from poor people often at gunpoint. He was arrested for violating the countries Foreign Exchange Regulation Act and they might try him for violating the Human Organ Transplantation Act. Well, maybe they won’t have time, I guess it isn’t a priority to help people. whatever. He sold the organs to foreigners.





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