“Britney’s Law” (LAWL)

2 03 2008

britneyhadtoomuchcokenowparalyzedAnti-stalkerazzi bill in Los Angeles of all places. or should I say, Whale’s Vagina. I am kinda fluent in German, so…::brush off my shoulders:: This bill is being debated because the police in a recent attempt to get Britney Spears in the a Psychiatric ward (finally) they had to enlist several vehicles, a helicopter and an ambulance. which cost about $25,000 – from taxpayers. Yes! lets use money to “save” Britney from paparazzi, but put a limit on property taxes. Property taxes fund the majority of schooling and California set a limit on collecting those taxes by referendum. Sometimes democracy sucks, you uninformed bastards.

Other Paparazzi news:

1. Go Fuck Yourself

2.  You too can be a Paparazzo P of S (peice of shit) or Pofs

3.  You can have your own Stalkerazzi, for a price (no witty sidenote found)





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