1 Man, 1,000 Charges – 1 Woman, 200 Rapes

2 03 2008

Roy Chamberlin, 29, faces more than 1,100 criminal charges after a Pennsylvania woman told police he raped her nearly 200 times during a 13-month period. The woman was reportedly too scared to report the alleged crimes to her husband or authorities. Police have “multiple witnesses” who corroborate the woman’s claims that Chamberlin repeatedly broke into her residence and sexually assaulted her, the paper says.

“Her fear is justified, as he is currently incarcerated awaiting trial on attempted murder charges,” Centre County Assistant District Attorney Lance Marshall tells the paper. “This woman was right to be afraid of him. So she didn’t tell anyone.” Chamberlin faces rape, burglary and sexual assault charges.

After therapy, the husband told police he now recalls arriving home about 9 a.m. one day in June. He said he heard his wife inside yelling ‘get off me,’ ‘you’re hurting me,’ and ‘stop,’” according to the complaint. When the husband tried to get inside, he found a locked dead-bolt, to which he didn’t have a key, he said in court documents. So he pounded on the door. Chamberlin appeared “surprised and terrified” but left without incident, the husband told police. His wife was in the bedroom, “crying hysterically and trembling,” he told police. But the husband said that when she wouldn’t say what happened, he didn’t push the matter due to her [recent] surgery, according to court documents.





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2 03 2008

i’ve officially entered the blogosphere.



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