WikiLeaks Update: “I Took an Oath to Uphold the Constitution.”

1 03 2008

notnoobasaurWikiLeaks is back up and running after federal judge Jeffrey White a week after ordering the Dynadot, it’s US hosting company, to shut down the site. WikiLeaks publishes thousands of leaked documents was shut down for alleged stolen documents. Thousands of internet users by-passed the block to directly connect to the IP address.

Defendant’s argument: American courts have no authority to order WikiLeaks to remove published material — a term of art known as “prior restraint.”

Plaintiff’s argument: “wanted nothing more” than for WikiLeaks to take down the documents in question. “That’s been the point of the bank all along,” he said. He added that the First Amendment to the U.S. Constitution does not afford the right to publish private banking information.

Judge: I’m paraphrasing here: Fuck d00d, courts can’t decide this shit. we don’t wanna be blamed for a unconstitutional act. wtf. wtf!? Put that shit back up, yo!

“When this genie gets out of the bottle, it’s out for all purposes,” U.S. District Judge Jeffrey White said after a more than 3-hour-long hearing here. Earlier, White said he had “an obligation to get it right” and that “I took an oath to uphold the Constitution.”





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