Thank You!

28 02 2008

I wanna send a shout out to all those people that have commented and helped this blog.

Thank You’s are in order.

Thank You Bryant I appriciate your comment on Judge Somma. He is a Bush appointee approved by Massaschusetts.

Thank You  qinnoe  Thank You for reading my excerpt about Reversing Hard-Boiled Status of Eggs. I too would love to try the chocolate bernaise sauce…all over my body.

Thank You  Suzz Too Many Many Comments to name. thanks for brainstorming too.

Thank You RyaLab Too Too Many Comment. Much Obliged. Thank you for being online when I need you.

Thank You  Will. Thanks for your input but your title (Headline: Daniel Day Lewis wins Oscar for being on drugs, son rolls madd bluntz for da Po, Bitch Fucked) is just to damn long! good try.

Thank You harrisonlatour. Thanks for your update on the Mayoral race in Muskogee County Oklahoma.

Thank You Jacki for EVERYTHING. You’re an amazing woman, you know that? You’re funny, smart, sexy and beautiful and all the things a man could ever want. and I do agree “haha i love you sug<3 fuck da po po!” Fuck da police comin straight outta da undaground. Love you too, baby.

Thank You Elise Karam. Wasn’t that movie awesome?

Thank You chicago ska for the comment about the Drunken Substitute Teacher. Smoke Up, Toke Up. Call me. ;-) Seriously. :-|

Thank You Rachel Boyer Aim: rhelac Thanks for saying “that santa is a creep” about Santa.

Thank You kaff kat. I love bananas. don’t like cancer. eugh indeed.

Thank You for this comment

“My son had chores, he had a job, he did well with schoolwork, was involved in church activities, but he learned of a foolish game and probably thought he’d try it “once” and died. Yesterday (11th) was three years he’s been gone. What we need is awareness. Just as parents talk to their children about drugs and sex, this is another one that needs to be talked about – before it’s too late. Most parents don’t even know this game exists – we didn’t, until our son died. I hope you continue sharing about it. Thank you.”

Love Criticism. I’d love more!  New Choking Game

Thank You jamie keiles. You have a Turntable? SICK! Do you like scratch and stuff. I mean the turntable, do you scratch it? (for everyone else: DJ Hero – Modification of Guitar Hero)

Thank You Laura for your missleading comments. haven’t looked at that site. maybe I’ll do that now. or never.




One response

28 02 2008
jamie keiles

sometimes i scratch my peter pan records for my brother

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