Schools Increase ‘Leap Year’ Security

28 02 2008

Schools Increase ‘Leap Year’ Security

The so-called “Leap Year threat” has brought fear and concern to parents and students in Bucks and Lehigh Counties. As a precaution, schools like Central Bucks High School South in Warrington, have increased security leading up to February 29.

Rumors of the so-called threat started appearing on MySpace with the “229 Brigade” and “Pink Army.” They are self-proclaimed anti-government and anti-war, peace movement

The letter sent by Principal W. Rodney Stone read in part:
“Each time we have researched a rumor it goes back to the same source, which was a discussion last week at the Middle Bucks Institute of Technology about a newspaper report from Bethlehem, Pa. The Warrington Township Police Department hascbsouthaintnothingtofuckwith investigated all information presented to them and has obtained the same information we have … We have rigorous safety measures in place each day Friday we will intensify those measures to provide a safe learning environment for your child.”

I went to school only a couple miles from CB South. Actually I had a lot of friends go there. what makes 2/29 so special anyway? This shit is ridiculous. Please Comment your opinions. This hits close to home. no pun intended.

The IRA used a tactic of Demonstrative Terrorism. They would tell England when, where they would set off a bomb. They sent out a message and no one (thankfully, hopefully) got hurt. 





4 responses

28 02 2008

Leap year is serious business.

28 02 2008
jamie keiles

bombing for peace?

28 02 2008

Yo, that shit is WHACK!!! I hope yo bitch doesn’t get shot UP! I love coco butter.

28 02 2008

yeah man i went there and ive been hearing some crazy shit about tomorrow. supposedly they’ve been informed to stay home if possible


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