First Politician to Fall Victim to Myspace

28 02 2008

mayorboobsArlington Oregon voters have voted to recall Carmen Kontur-Grontquist by a vote of 142-139. Carmen posed in black underwear next to a fire truck in hopes to help her status as a single mother. Ain’t nothing wrong with that. If you’ve got the goods, flaunt ’em! hahaha also, I love the Ass Press “Opponents said it wasn’t fitting for the mayor to be so depicted. They said they also disagreed with her on issues about water and the local golf course.” Can’t disagree with this bod. You want politics, you got two B-cups of Justice right here(I’m being generous, I know). With a name like Carmen Kontur-Grontquist, how can you go wrong? that’s the best pornstar name I’ve ever heard.

“oh yeah, give it to me Carmen Kontur-Gruntquist!”
“Actually it’s Gronquist”
“Actually, shut up”
“dammit, there goes my hardon”
“and fifty bucks”

Jacki, I’m only kidding. please don’t hurt me.




One response

28 02 2008

You should have sent her a myspace message bro… being the boy-toy of a decent looking cougar would come with some nice benefits.


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