Perfume to Bring You Closer to God (Not NIN Related)

27 02 2008

Perfume Claims to Bring You Closer to God – Heaven Scent
Trend Hunter Magazine: LINK

Closer to God, Anyone? Nine Inch Nails? Anyone? Great Song.

This ‘trend’ is clearly nonsense however as fragrance gimmicks go it takes some beating;
Called Virtue, it is claimed that wearing the perfume will bring you closer to God in all aspects. The fragrances are drawn from the bible and are biblical scents. And yes they do claim that the smell is “divine”.
I love the idea of using biblical scents to make a traditional perfume In my opinion having a good heart and soul – rather than spending money on perfume – are things that would make you feel more spiritual. I realise this will be controversial but high jacking religion for monetary gain really does make me cross! However, course decide for yourself, this is what Vicki Pratt, President, of IBI, of Orange, CA. had to say;
Recent scientific findings indicates new niche fragrance, Virtue parfum, and its inspirational concept are on solid ground with olfactory research, associative behavior research, and the Bible. “Virtue® was created to be a reminder for Godly focus and help a person connect through fragrance. We developed it for anyone seeking a relationship with their Creator.”




One response

3 07 2008

Very interesting. I agree that pimping out the bible is not good. And isnt that what ticked Jesus off in the temple that day? Good article.

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