New, Unique Smells No One Has Ever Smelled Before

27 02 2008

Ahhh, the Seductive Fragrance of Molecules Under Patent
New York Times: LINK

Technicians test and mix samples of scents in the Givaudan perfume lab in New York. Last year, that chemical, with the trade name Thesaron, became an essential ingredient in a new perfume, Silver Shadow Altitude, released by Davidoff, a brand owned by Coty. Playing a role in one of the most successful international fragrance trade names — Davidoff has had a scent on the top five perfume best-seller list for the last 20 years — means that molecule is highly profitable for Takasago.perfumefromscience
Thesaron is a perfume industry version of pharmaceuticals like Lipitor, the commercial name of the active ingredient developed by Pfizer that lowers blood cholesterol. Drug companies have long made a lot of money by patenting new molecules.
Similarly, the scent makers — Symrise of Holzminden, Germany; Givaudan of Geneva; International Flavors and Fragrances of New York; and Takasago of Tokyo — spend billions on research to find new smell molecules, patent them and sell them. The innovative scents of these “captives,” as the patented molecules are known, are crucial to enticing consumers to buy the 600 or so new perfumes introduced every year and appealing to buyers of other fragrant products like soaps and air fresheners…




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25 03 2009
Mohammad Hidayat

my fave perfume… yeah sure

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