Gay? Principal Says “Don’t Be”

27 02 2008

Teen sues over gay rights
Northwest Florida Daily News: LINK

PONCE DE LEON — A heterosexual high school junior sued the Holmes County School Board on Thursday, claiming she was prevented from peacefully supporting gay rights.
Heather Gillman, who is represented by the American Civil Liberties Union, filed suit in federal court against the School Board and Ponce de Leon High School Principal David Davis. According to the complaint, Davis suspended several students for “expressing their support for the fair treatment of gays and lesbians.”
“I think everybody should be able to support what they believe in and not be punished for it,” Gillman said Thursday during a conference call with reporters. She said she does not expect any problems from fellow students over the lawsuit.
“Maybe from the administration, but not from any of the students,” she said
Gillman, 16, said she believes gay students could be accepted at Ponce de Leon High School by other students, but not the administration. ACLU lawyer Benjamin Stevenson wrote in the complaint that Gillman’s cousin, an admitted lesbian identified as “Jane Doe,” complained to Davis about being harassed by students on Sept. 7. “He explained that Jane Doe should not be gay and she should not tell people she is gay,” Stevenson wrote of Davis. “Defendant Davis also told Jane Doe the ‘gay pride’ was a disgrace to the school.”
The School Board stated its position in a Nov. 2 letter from its lawyer, Brandon Young. Young wrote that the School Board has no policy that classifies “pro-gay speech” as “inherently disruptive and/or inappropriate for the school environment.”




3 responses

20 07 2008

Who the allows this jackass to remain principal. Does he say that black or whomever else he may have a problem with should change that characteristic also?

20 08 2008
Florida Panhandler

The principal of the school was reassigned–as a teacher of Americna government at the same school (PDL High). How’s that for irony?

21 05 2009

The girls were suspended for sexual contact…meaning they were doing vulger and sexual acts on school property….Straight people are suspended every day for that…Heather just wants attention…I know because i go to that school….unfortanatly word spread that he suspended them for being gay…that is not so…he was doing the right thing…

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