Because Basketball Sux

27 02 2008

Hoops Hybrid Being Molded Into a League
New York Times: LINK
SlamBall redux? The hybrid basketball-gymnastics extreme sport that had a short life on Spike in 2002 and 2003 is being resurrected for a “showcase” season to be taped in June with expectations of selling eight franchises before 2009.
The revived SlamBall’s new season is being financed by IMG, which has joined with its original partners, the producer Mike Tollin and the sport’s creator, Mason Gordon. They have hired Pat Croce, the ebullient former president of the Philadelphia 76ers, as the commissioner.slamminsammy
The earlier version “was more a television show than a sport, and Spike wasn’t widely distributed then,” said Chris Albrecht, the president of IMG Global Media. “Mike wanted to revive it as a sport.” He added, “It’s like a live-action video game.”
Each 20-minute, full-contact game is played on a springy, 100-by-60-foot floor augmented by 7-by-14-foot trampolines at the keys that let players soar above the baskets.
“This isn’t the Phoenix Suns’ gorilla mascot jumping on a trampoline,” Tollin said.
Tollin said one reason for bringing SlamBall back was the success it had when it was licensed as a league last summer in Italy. TV ratings outstripped projections.
The goal in SlamBall’s second go-round in the United States is to elevate its quality and establish a viable league that could spin off leagues in Asia and Europe. “It’s a start-up, yes, but its appeal is unique and broad-based,” said Tollin, who recently produced “The Bronx Is Burning” miniseries and the “Bonds on Bonds” reality series for ESPN…




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