Thank You (Insert Slash) Eff You

26 02 2008

I’m trying a new thing. It’s a “cheers and jeers”-like thing. enjoy it.

Thank You
25 (of 100) Iowa House of Representatives have opted to go paperless. The House Journal, the daily record of the chamber’s proceedings can be read online. Saving $30,000 a year and saving the environment, that’s why I say, Thank You, Iowa House of Representatives.

Eff You
Rehoboth Beach, Delaware, is contemplating raising parking meters from one dollar to two whole dollars. That’s a 100% increase! Councilman Paul Kuhns says it willl help pay for parking machines that accept credit cards. Fuck That. and Fuck you, Rehoboth Beach.

Thank You
Last year the North Dakota Legislature set aside money to pay for medical exams for women who have been sexually assaulted. Lawmakers makde it illegal for victims to be billed directly or through their health insurance coverage, ensuring privacy and encouraging reporting. Thank You Bismarck, North Dakota Lawmakers. Especially those who passed it. Which happens to be 91 Lawmakers. of 91. that’s 100%. Thank You, North Dakota.

Eff You
Michael Van Boening, 23, made bail for his fourth DUI in five weeks. A York County sheriff’s spokeswoman says Van Boening has yet to be prosecuted on other charges filed since January 20. Fuck You, Michael Van Boening. Fuck Grand Island Court Systems.

Thank You
Thank You Thon Participants at the Pennsylvania State University. Students raised $6.6 million dollars for pediatric cancer research and care. Thank You, Pennsylvania State University. You Rock.

Facts Via USA Today: LINK




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27 02 2008

I appreciate this post, alex.

7 03 2008
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