Selective Memory: Cars and Kisses

26 02 2008 LINK
THE MAJORITY of men remember their first car better than their first kiss, while younger gents think getting behind the wheel is better than getting a lover, a survey reveals. But 12 per cent of respondents to a survey carried out by the organisers of the British International Motor Show said they felt more attractive to the opposite sex when they got their licence.
The UK’s Daily Mail reported reported that 60 per cent of survey respondents regarded their first car as being female and a quarter gave it a name. The newspaper also reported that a majority of respondents said owning their first car ranked higher their initial embrace, their first boyfriend or girlfriend and their 18th birthday. About 40 per cent of respondents said they could even remember their first registration plate in full. More than a third said they had sex in their first vehicle.
Show organiser Kirsty Perkinson said people develop “strong bonds” with their first car. “First cars represent an explosion of independence and a gateway to untold adventures, which is why they are so special,” Ms Perkinson said.




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