Kraft to Fill Bagels With Creamy White Substance

26 02 2008

Cream-Cheese-Filled Bagels Still Not As Good As Creme-Filled Hot Dogs
Market Watch: LINK

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NEW YORK (MarketWatch) — Kraft Foods Inc. which has been working to reignite growth in its cheese business, plans to launch a new line of frozen breakfast offerings called Bagel-Fuls.
The food giant is expected to unveil that new line at the Consumer Analyst Group of New York Conference Tuesday morning. Kraft’s efforts come at a time when the company has been fighting commodity price increases and looking for ways to energize its brands in the face of competition from cheaper private-label products.
Kraft’s new Bagel-Fuls brand are frozen bagels, which come stuffed with Philadelphia cream cheese. Kraft sells everything from Maxwell House coffee to Oscar Mayer meats, but cheese is still a key part of its business. Last year the company’s North America cheese and food-service business had revenue of $6.4 billion.bagel.jpg
The company has faced some challenges in its cheese business. Dairy costs have been soaring, hurting Kraft’s margins and forcing it to raise prices for its cheese products. Cheaper private label, or store brands, also have also been trying to build up the offering of cheese products. In recent quarters, marketing and new products has helped Kraft build share in categories like snacking cheeses…




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