Why Pennsylvania is Better Than Indiana

25 02 2008

Two Pa. students to bike to Alaska to raise funds to fight cancer
Times Leader: LINK 

Apart from not being near an ocean, Indiana has other qualities that make it worse than Pennsylvania  (really, whoa!) We don’t need 17 people to make a hamburger.

Two ambitious university students, 4,500 miles, 11 states and a part of Canada could equal money for cancer research.
Twenty-year-old Daniel Esten and 23-year-old Michael Frederick, both students at Indiana University of Pennsylvania, plan to bike this summer from western Pennsylvania to Anchorage, Alaska.
Funds they raise for the expedition from businesses, family and friends will be donated to the American Cancer Society.
The journey is to begin in June and end in August.
Currently, the duo are taking extensive bike rides and following a daily workout regimen for what promises to be an arduous journey of 70-mile bike rides each day. The summer trek will include climbing mountains with elevations as high as 9,200 feet.




One response

26 02 2008

I am angered at not being able to comment on “tribute to douchebags”
i mean, really.

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