Because Children are Animals Too

25 02 2008

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This is also great for cows, the elderly and leprachauns. I should do advertising! I want to be the next “Make 7 Up Yours” Guy. I think I can, I think I can.

Surely you’ve heard of virtual fences for pets. Now they have them for kids, and they work just about the same way.

Smart Target created the easy-to-use child proximity alarm locater which allows parents to keep tabs on their kids at all times. By setting up a boundary area with the Kiddo Kidkeeper, the children can play freely outside and adults don’t even have to be present to monitor their whereabouts.

A transmitter hooks up to a maximum of four little ones, and a receiver is carried by the parent or other supervisor. Unlike the virtual fences for pets, kids don’t get zapped when they wander outside of the designated area. Instead, the adult receives a warning sound to inform them the child has exceeding the maximum distance, and an image displays where the child is.

“There are two monitoring distances to choose from, the short distance has a radius of 4 meters (approx. 13 feet) which is suitable for busy areas such as shopping centers with obstacles such as streets or stairs and also if the child is young or hyperactive,” Gadgettastic explained. “The long distance has a radius of 8 meters (approx. 26 feet) and is suited for more peaceful settings like a park or playground. “

It’s a great idea, but it’s still not going to prevent any kidnappers from picking the kids up. Hopefully by the time I have little ones they’ve thought of something better.




One response

25 02 2008

Yeah, long as you dont have to parent a kid by looking at it. Ew!

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