Caffeinated Candy Bar

24 02 2008

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Snickers has been doing the limited edition thing for a while (Dark Chocolate, Xtreme, Nut ‘n’ Butter and the upcoming Adventure Bar). Today they announced their newest bar, the SNICKERS Charged (TM) bar that provides additional B-vitamins and the stimulants caffeine and taurine.

To meet consumer needs and help millions of Americans take back their energy-zapped afternoons, SNICKERS(R) Brand is proclaiming the post-lunch, pre-dinner hour between two and three p.m. the SNICKERS Charged(TM) Re-Power Hour.

SNICKERS Charged(TM) contains 60 milligrams of caffeine. This compares to the caffeine content of other products:

  • 8-ounce soft drink contains 20-40 milligrams
  • 8-ounce regular coffee contains 65-120 milligrams
  • 8-ounce energy drink contains 72-80 milligrams

More at

UPDATE: I got a hold of some to taste test. It’s a little smaller than a regular Snickers, tastes pretty much the same but there’s a slight bitter aftertaste. Still, less expensive than a cup of coffee most places!




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