Self-Healing Rubber.

23 02 2008

Professor invents “self-healing” rubber in Paris lab that could have many uses
Canadian Press: LINK

PARIS – A chemistry professor in Paris has come up with a kind of rubber that can “heal” itself.

Ludwik Leibler says his rubber can be stuck back together if it is torn, then used over and over. The self-healing rubber was made in his lab at the Industrial Physics and Chemistry Higher Educational Institution in Paris and details of his research are found in the journal ‘Nature’.

Leibler and his colleagues built up their rubber from simple starting materials including vegetable oil and urea, a component of urine.

The resulting material is a cross between silly putty and a rubber ball with applications ranging from adhesives to bicycle tires.

Leibler has already struck a deal with French chemical company to develop and commercialize the material and says he would like to see the rubber used in toys.




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