Undressed, Breathless, Not Sex

22 02 2008

Robbery suspect caught breathless, shedding clothes
The Ottawa Citizen: LINK

<<<<<< Accomplises?

An out of breath 49-year old man was apprehended by a police officer who thought something wasn’t quite right when the man started throwingaway his clothing on the street Thursday afternoon.

Turns out the officer was right – the man had just robbed a bank.

At 1:23 p.m., a man entered the Caisse Populaire branch on Montreal Road with a knife and fled with an undisclosed amount of money.

An officer who was unaware a robbery had occurred noticed the man acting suspicious about a block away.

The suspect was running, out of breath, and was in the process of discarding some of his clothing, said police.

“Those are abnormal signs , especially to a cop,” said Staff-Sgt. Glenn Wasson of Central Division.

As the officer approached the man, police received a 911 call from the bank. The breathless man fit the bill, was arrested and taken into custody. The money was recovered.

The investigation is ongoing and charges are pending.




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