Social Justice.

22 02 2008

Vandals break windows at ‘decadent’ Bremerton banks

Not related to the Album “decadence” by Head Automatica.

BREMERTON, Wash. – Police say vandals threw pieces of bricks with notes attatched through the windows of four banks in Bremerton.

The notes say the banks are a target because of ruling class decadence.

Police spokesman Andy Oakley says officers responded to alarms at two banks about 4 a.m. Thursday and found the broken windows. They also found broken windows at two other banks.

The targets were a U.S. Bank and a Bank of America on 6th Street and a Key Bank and Kitsap Bank on Wheaton Way.

At the Bank of America, surveillance pictures showing a young man wearing a stocking cap and a bandana covering the lower part of his face. In his hands was one of the items he hurled into the glass.

In all four cases the bricks had the same note from “social youth chaos.” The notes say the brick is part of a wall between the ruling class and working class and, the note says, “by flaunting your decadence, you have made yourself a target.”

At the two banks hit in East Bremerton there’s another possible lead with surveillance pictures showing the suspect’s possible car. Workers at a McDonald’s next to a Key Bank that was vandalized say they might have seen that same older model, burgundy vehicle.

Surveillance cameras from a Bank of America branch in Bremerton show the suspect in the bank vandalisms as he approaches the building, carrying a brick or concrete in his hand.

“It backed back into the bank, acting real weird about it, then we seen a bunch of cops cruise around the area and stuff and we weren’t sure what was going on but we did see that car,” said witness Kevin Watson.

Oakley says police are working with the FBI and checking surveillance tapes in an attempt to identify a suspect.




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