I’ll run for Mayor, then Bomb Threats, Logical?

22 02 2008

Muskogee mayoral candidate accused of making bomb threats

K Ten News:LINK

Eugene V. Debs Ran for president in jail. Why not Robert Thomas for Mayor. “I’m the Bomb!” perfect slogan.

MUSKOGEE, Okla. (AP) – A man who is running for mayor of Muskogee faces three felony counts of making false bomb threats.

Thirty-7-year-old Robert Eugene Thomas is suspected of calling police February 7th and threatening to set off bombs at the Muskogee Police Department and the Muskogee County-City Detention Facility.

Authorities allege Thomas called police the next day and threatened to detonate explosives at a shopping center in one instance and set off bombs at Hilldale Elementary School in the other instance.

About 1,800 students were evacuated from Hilldale for a short time.

According to a court filing, the person making the bomb threat February 8th said if an employee of a Grandview business came outside and stripped naked that he would turn off the bomb.

A recording of that call helped authorities identify the caller.

WOW! What are the Chances!
Jailed Milwaukee Alderman Wins 6th District Primary
Wisn: LINK

Michael McGee Jr. Advances To April 1 Election

MILWAUKEE — Jailed Milwaukee Alderman Michael McGee Jr. has won Milwaukee’s 6th aldermanic district primary where eight other candidates were hoping to unseat McGee as he conducts city business and his re-election campaign from jail.

McGee and attorney Milele Coggs will both advance to the April 1 general election.

She is the niece of Wisconsin state Sen. Spencer Coggs. She ran for an alderman seat in 2003 and lost.

McGee’s campaign told 12 News reporter Brendan Conway Tuesday night that if McGee wins, there will be no victory party. The numbers will speak for themselves.

McGee is scheduled to go on trial during the first week of March on charges he conspired with two other men to have a teenager beaten.

If McGee is found guilty of the felony charges against him, he would be removed from office and another election for McGee’s seat would need to be held.

Also running against McGee were ViAnna Jordan, who organized the failed recall attempt against McGee last year [ViAnna Jordan’s Web Site]. McGee won in a landslide, capturing 62 percent of the vote. Jordan came in third.

Former city employee Una Van Duvall also ran in the recall election last year [Una Van Duvall’s Web Site].

Fred Gordon is a former Milwaukee alderman looking to reclaim a seat. He served three terms on Milwaukee’s Common Council and was once a supporter of McGee’s.

Charlene Hardin has been a Milwaukee Public School Board member since 1997 [Charlene Hardin’s School Board Profile]

Community activist El Louse Games has no experience on government, but wants to unify the community.

Organizer Mike Brox is a former teacher and security guard.

Local businessman Adel Kheriah lives in Franklin, but used to own a store in the 6th District. Kheriah has said that if he wins Tuesday’s election, he would relocate to the district.




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23 02 2008

Muskogee mayoral and City Council elections are April 1. There are six candidates tying to replace the current mayor, Wren Stratton:

John Tyler Hammons, 19
Herschel McBride, 70
Glynda Oliver, 25
Barney Taylor, 38
Robert Thomas, 37
Ronald Venters, 59

U.S. Public Records Index

Name: Marshall Jerald Hammons
Birth Date: Dec 1919
Street address: 3401 Canterbury St
City: Muskogee
County: Muskogee
State: Oklahoma
Zip Code: 74403
Phone Number: 918-682-8560
Record Number: 339338989
Household Members: Name Est. Age Birth Year

Cathy S Hammons—47–1960
M J Hammons
Marshall J Hammons—51–1957
Marshall Jerald Hammons—88–1919

Hammons v. Muskogee Medical Center Authority
1985 OK 22
697 P.2d 539
Case Number: 59794
Decided: 03/19/1985
Supreme Court of Oklahoma

A paid contribution by LaTour Genealogical Collection & Research on Muskogee County genealogy and history.

12 03 2008
Harrison Thomas LaTour

Genealogy and Politics – Trace your political family tree

For those of you who keep up with politics and the presidential election.

Oklahoma is the state for genealogy of the leading candidates on both sides.

Barack II Hussein Obama, the Democratic leader, his second (2nd) Great-Grandfather migrated to Oklahoma Territory and died in Okmulgee
, Oklahoma


John III Sidney McCain, the Republican leader, his mother, Roberta Wright McCain was born in Muskogee, Oklahoma, home of Oklahoma Attorney General Drew Edmondson.

Published March 12, 2008 12:37 am –

Presidential hopeful’s mother born here, retains fond memories

By Travina Coleman
Phoenix Staff Writer

Roberta Wright McCain, mother of Republican presidential hopeful John McCain, said she remembers Muskogee, Oklahoma through the eyes of a child.

Now 96 and living in Washington, D.C., she and her identical twin sister, Rowena, were born Feb. 7, 1912, at 1027 Fondulac St., now Martin Luther King St.

McCain has fond memories of Muskogee, Oklahoma.


George Washington, 1st President of the U.S., was the 2nd cousin, seven (7) times removed of Presidential Candidate, John III Sidney McCain.

Eugene V. Debs Ran for president in jail. Why not Robert Thomas for Mayor. “I’m the Bomb!” perfect slogan.

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