Valentines day fun!

17 02 2008

Happy Valentine’s Day. Not!

NORTHGLENN, Colo. — Undercover police officers posing as flower deliverymen on Valentine’ Day arrested 23 people with outstanding warrants.

The Northglenn officers used a van with a sign saying “Flower Delivery” and knocked on doors be long-stem rose box to net their quarry.

“Hello there. Happy Valentine’s Day,” Officer Matt Hindman told one man wanted in this northern Denver suburb for failing to appear in court on a marijuana possession charge.

The man asked for a pen to sign for delivery. Hindman announced: “Northglenn police undercover, OK? You’ve got a warrant for your arrest, OK?”

Handcuffed, the man, identified by police as Ronald Madden, chuckled as he told Channel 7 News he’d been fooled.

“Honestly it didn’t click with me until I heard, ‘Northglenn police’ and then he pulled out the badge and I thought, ‘Damn you guys are good,'” Madden said.

Taxi driver plays cupid for Valentine’s Day
Kind-hearted cabbie plays matchmaker, brings romance to New Yorkers

NEW YORK — Finding your better half this Valentine’s Day could be as easy as hailing a taxi — especially if Ahmed Ibrahim is in the driver’s seat.

The 53-year-old cupid cab driver, as he refers to himself, has spent the past few years playing matchmaker to lonely New Yorkers, setting up more than 70 dates. Nineteen have led to relationships that lasted more than a year.

Ibrahim planned to decorate his yellow cab with red and white hearts and roses for Thursday.

“I’ve organized so many dates, and it really makes me feel good about it,” Ibrahim said. “I’ve not had one complaint.”

Ibrahim said he offers his matchmaking services to passengers he evaluates by listening to conversations and asking a few questions. He then exchanges phone numbers and e-mail addresses.

“I want to know if they’re the real deal or just a player,” he said. “If you’re a player, then forget about it.”

One of his clients, Martin Karamon, said he successfully found romance through the cupid cab’s services. The relationship ended after about six months, though the two remain friends.

“I might have to get in his cab again because I just broke up with my girlfriend,” said Karamon, 37.




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